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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality Now

How to improve air quality with air cleaners & purifiers. Find expert information on how air cleaners work, buying the right air cleaner, and other methods of improving your home’s air.

Did you know that every cubic foot of air in the average home is loaded with about 3 million dust particles?

air cleaners & purifiersWhirlpool

Portable air cleaner removes dust and pollen using a true HEPA filter.

Though most of these particles are so small they’re not visible, they can nonetheless be a health hazard, particularly for people who suffer from allergies or bronchial problems. That’s where air cleaners come in.

How Air Cleaners Work

Air cleaners (sometimes called air filters or air purifiers) can help reduce the problem by filtering out the microscopic particles caused by smoking, fireplaces, pets, molds, pollen, and other sources of indoor pollution. A variety of technologies are employed by these devices to clean the air. Some draw room air through finely woven filters that catch particles before returning air to the room. Others, such as electrostatic precipitating air cleaners, use electrical charges to attract particles in the air.

For more about various types and how they work, please see How Air Cleaners Work.

Air Cleaners Buying Guide

You can buy air cleaners that filter the air in a single room or models that connect to the home’s central air conditioning or heating system to handle cleaning the air throughout the entire house. When buying an air cleaner, you’ll want to focus on effectiveness, the unit’s size and capacity, price, and more. For help with these decisions, see the Air Cleaners & Purifiers Buying Guide.

How Efficiency Is Measured

An air cleaner is only as good as its ability to extract contaminants, dust, and particles from the air. But how can you tell the abilities of various air cleaners do do this? Fortunately, air cleaners are given standardized ratings. For more about this, see How Air Cleaner Efficiency Is Measured.

Tips for Indoor Air Quality

Buying an air cleaner isn’t the only way to improve your home’s indoor air quality. You can also reduce the number of pollutants expelled into the air to make it cleaner. For tips about what you can do, see How to Improve Interior Air Quality.

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