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Building a Kit Gazebo Roof

This article continues the instructions of the articles How to Build a Kit Gazebo and How to Build a Kit Gazebo Floor and Building Gazebo Columns & Sides.Once all of the side panels are in place, it’s time for the most difficult part of assembly—placing the rafters.

Kit gazebo's roof panel is lifted into place. Photo: Summerwood Outdoors Inc.

Kit gazebo’s roof panel is lifted into place. Photo: Summerwood Outdoors Inc.

Start by laying opposing rafters on a flat, level surface and screwing them to the central hub. With at least one helper (you may need two or three), fit the ends of this truss onto a pair of opposing posts. Be sure the bird’s-mouth cuts at the rafter ends seat fully. Then screw the rafters to the post tops. With one person on a ladder near the center, position and screw the remaining rafters in place.

Some models employ horizontal blocking between the rafters. Once all of the rafters are in position, fit and screw this blocking in place, working from the bottom tier upward.

For a large, 15-foot gazebo, it may be necessary to install a roof support band or, for a screened model, a screen band around the perimeter. Being sure to keep the band flush with the top edge of the rafters, screw it in place. Next, install the eaves band, positioned a uniform distance from the rafter ends.

Gazebo Roof Sections

Next comes the really heavy lifting. Lean three long boards against the roof support band to serve as a ramp for sliding the first roof section up into place.

Position yourself on a ladder at the edge of the rafter and have a helper lift and slide the section into place (this may take two helpers and/or you may need to climb up onto the roof framing and help pull the section up). Center the section’s edges over the rafters. Screw it in place with 3-inch screws through predrilled holes. Repeat this process with the other sections.

Place the peak cap on top so that its threaded rod is projecting up through the cap’s center, and then screw down the finial, securing it against the peak cap. If you are installing a small cupola on top, use a longer threaded rod and place the cupola’s body between the roof and the peak cap. Some gazebos utilize special banding to cover the gaps between the roof sections. Install this according to the directions.

The surface of the kit gazebo’s roof is often pre-shingled, as shown here. If yours isn’t, the roof can be handled in any of several ways. For a complete discussion of this, please see Putting the Roof on a Patio Overhead and reference the drawings in the article Patio Roof & Gazebo Construction.

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