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How to Build a Kit Gazebo Floor

This article is a continuation of the article How to Build a Kit Gazebo. The proper method for building the floor framing for a kit gazebo depends on the gazebo kit you buy. The illustrations at bottom show how floor joists can radiate out from a central hub; the gazebo’s posts connect to special column base blocks, as shown in the detail below.

With either style, you begin by fastening the structural members to the foundation pier at the center. The octagon’s points should be in line with the outer piers.

But before you begin to fasten the joists to the outer piers, site down each joist to make sure that its end lines up straight with the end of the opposite joist.

Gazebo Floor Sections

If your kit has individual joists, the next step is to connect each joist with the skirt boards. For the kit illustrated, each connection is made with a threaded rod, washers and nuts, aluminum skirt brackets, and column base blocks.

Be sure the skirt boards’ top edges sit flush with the top of the floor joists. Finger-tighten a nut (with washer) at each end of each threaded rod.

Then, tighten the nuts at the center plate, and, using lag screws, bolt the floor joists to anchors in the concrete piers.

To install the floor sections, line up each section’s edges with the centerlines of the floor joists.

If necessary, use a mallet to gently tap the floor sections toward the center until they are tightly together and the outer edges of the floor nailers are even. Then use galvanized screws to fasten the floor sections to the joists.

Gazebo Floor Structure

Low-Profile Gazebo Floors

Ideally, gazebos and garden rooms that have wooden deck-like floors are very low to the ground. You can usually lower the height of a floor by using smaller-width joists and beams. However, this change may require you to reduce beam and joist spans, which in turn may mean pouring more footings. Another strategy is to attach the joists to the side, not the top, of the beam. See three options in the illustrations below.


Gazebo Floor Joist & Pier Construction Options for Low-Profile


If the yard is level and the floor will be low to the ground, you will not need posts. However, the piers must all be level with one another.

To build with no posts, plan to install at least two rows of piers with identical beams placed along each row. Construct the beams with double 2-by members. Attach the joists with joist hangers on the inside face of each beam.

If building a kit gazebo yourself is beyond your abilities, please see our affiliate partner, HomeAdvisor, to receive free bids from local pre-screened gazebo construction pros.

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