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Do Your Own Home Energy Audit with Homeselfe

Is your home energy bill going through the roof… literally?  When it comes to energy conservation, one of the smartest energy saving tips we can offer is this: Do a home energy audit.. A home energy audit will assess the best ways for you to save energy in your home. Essentially a report card for your house, it will show you where your home excels and where it needs improvement to save gas, lower your electric bill, and generally save energy.


Though you can spend a few hundred dollars to have an energy audit done professionally, a free and easy option is to do your own, using an online DIY energy audit app such as Homeselfe (pronounced “Home Selfie”) Here we take a closer look at this very helpful option.

How Homeselfe Works

To begin your own home energy audit, the first thing you do is go to Homeselfe.com and sign up. Homeselfe then provides you with a digital “map” of your home, and a questionnaire guides you through your house, room by room. It takes about 5 minutes to fill-in the questionnaire. You’re asked questions like “How old are your home appliances or “Is Your Home Well Insulated?” These questions focus on the key areas of your home’s energy consumption. As you answer each question, a clear picture of your home’s energy efficiency begins to emerge.

What You Receive

When you’re finished, you get a free instant report that tells you which parts of your home are energy efficient, and where it would be prudent to consider energy upgrades. These suggestions include projections of how much you can save over time by making the upgrades. In addition to this report, you’re given helpful information about federal, state, local, and utility company rebates or offers that can help you reduce or offset the cost of your energy improvements. Homeselfe also will connect you with qualified local contractors who can give you free estimates for doing the work—a very helpful feature for finding reliable, trustworthy pros. For more about this helpful, free app, go to Homeselfe.com.

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