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Ranges & Ovens

Today’s kitchens are loaded with sophisticated cabinetry, countertops, storage devices, preparation centers, and much more. But, fundamentally, kitchens are for cooking. With this fact in mind, it only makes sense that

cooking appliances are critical to the function of a kitchen. We employ a variety of these appliances and give them several different names: ovens, ranges, stoves, stovetops, cooktops, and more. All are designed to fry, boil, broil, roast, and otherwise cook foods.

Considering the wide range of appliances available within this category, choosing the right ones for your kitchen can be a serious challenge. Do you want built-in ovens, a freestanding stove, or a commercial range? How many burners should it have? Gas or electric? And so on. The information presented here will help you make some of these choices.

Or maybe you already have a stove but it doesn’t work properly. In the articles listed below, you will find a plethora of articles that will guide your through DIY repairs.


• Buying Ranges, Ovens & Cooktops
• Microwave Ovens Buying Guide
• Cooktop & Oven Repairs
• Energy-Saving Food Preparation
• Microwave Oven Repairs


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