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Car Tire Pressure & Care

HomeTips is a home improvement site, but we know that DIY enthusiasts sometimes work on their cars, too. That’s why we have assembled a few of articles about car care and maintenance. These articles were written specially for HomeTips by nationally-known car expert Michael Morris.

Hope you find these helpful!

Tire Maintenance

Think about this: Four thin patches of rubber about the size of your hand are all that separates you from the highway at speeds that can shred metal—and lives.

Tires that are over- or under-inflated, badly worn or older than their expected lifetime reduce braking ability and result in poor handling and performance. As a result, each year tires are a major cause of vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, tires get lots of abuse and little attention, but a little attention is all they usually need.

At least once a month, take a few minutes to look them over for damage and check their inflation level. Periodically rotate them to even out tread wear. And once a year have a service station check each tire’s balance and your vehicle’s front-end alignment.

Taking these simple steps will not only prolong your tires’ life—it could save yours as well.

—Michael Morris for HomeTips

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