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How to Repair a Door

Do you have a front door that needs repair? Age and continual use can cause even a well-fitted door to loosen, bind, or warp. Binding or loose doors are relatively easy to fix. On the other hand, a door that is badly warped will have to be replaced. how to repair a door

You do not necessarily have to remove a door to fix it. If you are working on just one hinge at a time or on the top of a door, you only need to open the door partially and drive a wedge underneath the latch side to hold the door steady.

But for other repairs, including sanding or planing the side or bottom of a door, you will need to remove the door from its hinges to do the repairs.

This section of HomeTips will show you how to handle a variety of front door repairs. For information on how to repair a sliding door, please see Sliding Door Repairs. For information on repairing hinges and locks, see Repairing Door Knobs, Locks & Hardware.

Many problems with doors have to do with how they fit in their frames. Doors swing open or rattle when they are too loose, and they stick or bind when they are warped or too tight. Please go to the following articles for the help you need to solve these problems.

How to Repair Door Problems

For do-it-yourself techniques for specific door problems, please see the following articles:

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