Brick & Stucco Siding Buying Guide Brick & Stucco Siding Buying Guide
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Brick & Stucco Siding Buying Guide

How to buy stucco and brick siding, with advantages and drawbacks of buying brick, stone-veneer and stucco siding materials.

Brick is one of the most durable siding materials. It doesn’t need to be painted, doesn’t rot or fade, and weathers handsomely. It also provides excellent insulation for your house.

Bricks come in many sizes, textures, and colors and can be laid in many patterns.
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Stucco is a traditional compound made from fine sand, Portland cement, hydrated lime, and water. Different kinds of cement are used in the stucco mixture, depending on the climate and on the texture desired: smooth, raked, or swirled.

For an extra-coarse finish, sand—or even pebbles—can be mixed in. Pigment can be added, as well, or stucco may be painted.
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Brick & Stucco Siding

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