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Garage Storage for Bicycles

Floor stand is easy to use. Bicycle Floor Stand. Photo: Delta Cycle Corp.

There are three main types of bicycle storage devices for garages:

Floor stands (right). Children who ride bicycles often like to just drop them and run off. If you want to change this habit, consider getting a floor stand. Of all such storage devices, it’s the easiest to use.

Up to four bikes can be hung from this pole system. Bicycle Support Post Stand. Photo: SportRack

Support posts (left). You can also lean bicycles or other large gear against a post. If you add elastic cords or hooks, the bikes will be even more secure. For two-story storage on support posts, look in a bike shop. The post shown here holds up to four bicycles. It works best in garages with high ceilings.

Pulley rigs. With a pulley system, you can store large items near the ceiling to preserve space below. You can buy a pulley system that works like mini-blinds. It has a built-in stop to keep items up. A gentle tug releases the mechanism to lower the object.

Screw these pulleys directly to ceiling framing if the wood runs in the same direction you want to store things. Or attach the pulleys to plywood first and then screw the panels to the joists. You must use this method if the joists run crosswise to the pulley direction. copyright-sun

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