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Slot Wall Garage Storage

Photo: StoreWALL

“Slotwall” storage systems have been used in store displays for years to hang racks and shelves for merchandise; now you can use them to organize your garage. Also called “slatwall” storage, a system consists of grooved wall panels that shelves, hooks, baskets, and cabinets clip onto or slide into for flexible, coordinated storage.

Store-display slotwall systems are generally made from medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, while garage systems are usually PVC or CVPC (a similar type of plastic).

Manufacturers of plastic systems often caution that humid climates can damage MDF systems, but stores all over the country have been using them without issue. MDF is less expensive, but it is vulnerable to water and insects, so choose what your system is made from based on the environment in your garage.

Slot wall garage storage is great for hang-ups! Photo: Windquest Companies Inc.

Plastic systems are easy to handle, lightweight, and come in smaller pieces than MDF systems (strips 12 or 15 inches wide by 8 or 10 feet long compared to 4-by-8-foot sheets weighing 100 pounds). Either way, you’ll need 3 inches between slots for the most versatility.

MDF slotwall is great for hanging sports gear and lighter items-it holds about 35 pounds per 6-inch bracket. For cabinets and other heavier items, use plastic panels or MDF with aluminum-coated grooves, both of which are twice as strong as bare MDF.

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