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Ice Maker Doesn’t Turn Off or Freezes

Does your ice maker need repair? Here are DIY tips for two simple ice maker repairs.

Ice Maker Doesn’t Turn Off

If your ice maker keeps making ice, even when it is full:

ice maker repair

Lift the bail wire above the ice collection drawer to shut off the ice.

1Lift the bail wire to shut it off.


2Empty the bin, remove the ice maker, clean it, and then reinstall it.

3If the problem persists, consider having an appliance repair person remove and replace the entire ice maker and valve. With this type of problem, you can have it repaired, but it’s often wiser and less expensive in the long run to replace the unit entirely.

Ice Maker Is Frozen Up

This ice maker repair is even easier. If your ice maker has frozen up, take the following steps to thaw it out:

1Unplug the refrigerator.


2Remove the ice bin and any loose ice from the ice maker.


3Find the fill tube, the white rubber-like hose that delivers water to the ice maker.

4Pull down the small metal clip off the housing that holds the fill tube (though not all ice makers have this clip).

5Warm the hose and surrounding mechanism. To do this, you can train a hair dryer on the ice maker to melt any ice blocking the mechanism. But be very careful (sop up any dripping water with a rag) as electricity and water can present a serious risk of electrical shock. Also, be careful not to melt the plastic parts.

6If you don’t want to use a hair dryer, you can soak the supply tubing with hot water, using a turkey baster and catching the overflow in the empty ice maker bin. In some cases, it may be easier to remove the ice maker than to thaw out the fill tube.


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