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Stucco Siding Application

Expert advice on stucco siding, with helpful diagram and tips on stucco siding application and construction.

Stucco siding application diagram

Stucco is plaster with a cement base, typically applied in three layers over framed or some solid surfaces, such as concrete block or older stucco.

Pigment may be mixed in, or stucco can be painted. Stucco can be also be finished with a variety of textures: smooth, raked, or swirled.

For an extra-coarse finish, sand-or even pebbles-can be mixed in. Different kinds of cement are used in the stucco mixture, depending on the climate and the texture desired.

Stucco is usually applied over a base of wire mesh, wooden-slat spacers, building paper, and plywood sheathing.

The stucco may be troweled on by hand or sprayed on. A day or two must be left between coat applications to allow the previous layer to dry.

After the final layer is applied, the stucco must be kept moist for a few days so it can cure nicely (allowing it to dry too quickly reduces its strength).

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