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Countertop Repair & Care

Repairs for some countertop materials such as tile, stone, wood, and laminates can be made by do-it-yourselfers. But repairing other materials, such as solid-surface composites, laminates, concrete, metal, and glass are best left in the hands of professionals. Grout the tiles

Typical problems with ceramic tile are stained or cracked grout and cracked or broken tile. These same types of problems occur with stone. Though ceramic tile and stone surfaces are beautiful and durable, their Achilles heel is grout. Unlike ceramic tile, grout can stain and discolor with spills and everyday wear. And because grout is a rigid, cement-like material, it can crack with even slight movement or settling. Most cracks start tiny and grow wider, deeper, and longer over time. Eventually, cracked grout lets water seep through and damage the substrate.

Laminate countertops, very common in kitchens, can become burned or scorched or cracked, and can peel away from their bases. Some of these issues can be fixed, but others cannot.

In this section of HomeTips, we look at some of the countertop repairs you can do yourself.

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