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Septic Tanks & Systems

Expert advice on septic tanks, with helpful parts diagrams and tips on septic system maintenance and care, buying guides and repair tips.

Some homes are connected to public sewers, whereas others have septic tanks for processing the home’s wastes. For homes that utilize septic tanks, the septic system arguably may be the most important part of the inner workings—just ask any homeowner who has had a septic tank failure.

The septic system is responsible for safely removing and dispensing of all waste material from the home. It is an organic machine that breaks down wastes and, when working right, safely distributes the processed effluent into a drainfield on the property.

Proper maintenance is essential, and a full understanding of how your septic system works can put you way ahead of the game if problems ever arise. For more about this, see How a Septic Tank Works.

In the articles listed below, you can find information on various septic tank and septic system issues, illustrated diagrams of how it all works, and helpful advice on buying a new septic tank.

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