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Ceiling Fans Overview

Ceiling fans have been a simple answer to home cooling for more than a century. Sure, today we have air conditioning and heat pumps to deliver chilled air, but this type of cooling operates at a price—and that price is sometimes steep. So ceiling fans continue to be a sensible solution for enhancing home comfort.

On a hot day, a ceiling fan can stir up breezes, making room air feel much cooler. By doing so, it can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that a reversible ceiling fan can also help with heating bills. On cool days, when the heated air in a room naturally rises to the ceiling, a gently moving fan set in reverse mode can circulate the warmed air back down to where it benefits comfort.

Scores of styles, configurations, sizes, materials, finishes, prices, and accessories are available. How do you choose one? In this section of HomeTips, you’ll not only find information to help you choose the best ceiling fan for your home but you’ll also get help with DIY installation and repair tips for keeping your fan operating efficiently.


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Ceiling Fans

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