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How to Install a Door Closer

If your screen or storm door is always slamming shut, consider installing a closer. Installation instructions come with most kits.

Here are a few basic guidelines: Make sure all the other door hardware is in good working order.

Hydraulic Door Closer

Installing a Door Snubber

To install a snubber, fasten the door-mounting bracket to the door’s top rail. Mount the jamb bracket to the head jamb.

Adjust the length of the chain. If it’s too short, you won’t be able to go in and out easily; if it’s too long, the door will keep slamming shut.

Installing a Pneumatic Door Closer

Pneumatic Door Closer

To install a pneumatic closer, fasten the door-mounting bracket to the door’s top rail. Adjust the closing speed by turning the adjustment screw in the end cap.

To install a hydraulic closer, attach the bracket and cylinder and the jamb-mounting bracket. Adjust the closing speed by inserting a screwdriver into the adjustment screw, pushing the screwdriver in, and turning the screw 180 degrees.


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