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Install an Above-Counter Sink


An above-counter lavatory is an excellent choice when you want to make a design statement. These stylish lavatories rise above the countertop to create a decorative focal point.

They install much like a countertop sink; the only difference is that the hole in the countertop is much smaller.

Some above-counter sink manufacturers also provide precut countertops that make installation a snap.

Most manufacturers include complete instructions as well as a pattern for cutting the countertop; be sure to follow the directions precisely.


Place and mark the sink, using painter’s tape.


1Locate and cut the opening following the instructions for a Countertop Sink. Mount the faucet and drain assembly and temporarily position the sink in the cutout. Check for alignment and clearance and make marks on both the countertop and the sink as guides for installation.

Seal underside of the rim.

Seal underside of the rim.


2Turn the sink upside down and apply a bead of sealant around the underside of the rim, following the directions on the label.


Position the sink and connect the plumbing.


3Position the sink in the opening, align it with the guide marks, and press down. Allow the sealant to set according to label directions, then connect the drain pipes and water-supply lines.

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